Build Back Better in Bewdley

Build Back Better in Bewdley
Paul Smith

Paul smith and his family live in a grade 2 listed property in Stourport Road Bewdley which has had three major flood events in two years. In 2020 there was 14 inches of dirty water in the property and they were out of the property for over a year.

By “building back better” using recoverability and resistance PFR measures, in February 2022, following three days of an equivalent flood (700mm of flood water at front door), Paul was back home watching TV.

Paul Smith


The first time we flooded we had to move out for 15 months. This time, within two days, we were back in the lounge watching TV.

Recoverability measures

  • Raised electric sockets and television
  • Solid floors with ceramic tiles
  • Hardwood skirting boards
  • Stainless steel kitchen
Bewdley Property
Flood Door

Resistance measures

  • Hardwood heritage flood door
  • Non return valves
  • Smart air bricks
  • Flood barrier (rear door)
  • Sump pump and puddle pumps


  • Early warning
  • Flood plan
Bewdley Flood

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