Residential Flood Resilience Partners.

Residential Flood Solutions.

If you own a home or residential property that may be at risk of flooding you need to act before, not after!

As a homeowner it is imperative that you are aware of all the options available to you when protecting your property from flooding. Whether you are just looking for flood resilience advice or want to understand if any local council grants are available to you, schedule a call today. 

A fully independent and impartial provider, with over 10 years working with stakeholders such as Environment Agency, we are perfectly placed to help you with everything flood related from survey & design, to installation & project management.

Household Flood Protection.

More than 5 million people live and work in 2.4 million properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea, one million of which are also at risk of surface water flooding

It is stats like these that make proper planning, preparation, and resilience measures essential. If you want to reduce the impact of flooding to your own home or property, simply book a survey with us today. From creating a flood plan to dealing with insurance, there are many resources available to help you plan and prepare for flooding to your home, and ease the recovery process that follows.

It could take up to 10 months to get back in your home!

If you fall victim of a household flood it can take, on average, up to 10 months to get back into your home. 

Last year alone, saw a £1.9 Billion invoice from home owners to the insurance companies. You would be forgiven to think that the majority of this money was for clean up and soft furnishings etc... more often than not it was for hotel accommodation while the properties dried out!

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What Our Customers Say!

“Having been given a budget per property to work to, this was managed exceptionally well by yourselves meaning each property received all measures recommended in the initial property surveys. Your engagement even meant we had additional properties sign up to  the scheme – measures were installed to 67 properties in total. Having spoken to a number of the residents they were very impressed with the quality of products installed and the standard of workmanship demonstrated by Watertight.”

Z Philips

PM – Kier Services on behalf of Chesterfield BC

“Thanks for sorting out the works so efficiently here at Tenbury, Joel is a credit to your company and very easy to work with. His contribution to any issues on site was much appreciated.”


Building Surveyor at Citizen Housing

"A big thank to your company and in particular the young man Josh! 1st class explanation for preparation and operation of the pump which succeeded in reducing the stress we shall no doubt experience with Storm Dennis on Saturday and Sunday."

Mr and Mrs Evans


Don't Worry, we've got you covered!

Whether you have experienced flooding in your home or know that you are in a high risk area we will take the any stress out of your hands and make sure that you are safe and happy for any future events.

We operate differently

We do not manufacture products but provide an extensive range of bespoke services, advice and solutions. We have excellent relationships with most of the other PFR industry providers and co-ordinate and project manage specialist flood risk assessments, product manufacture and professional services including insurance. Products selected as part of the design solution  from partnering manufacturers are fitted by our own employed installation teams.

Each one of our install teams have been trained to the highest standards in both technical and customer service. We are very proud of our reputation for adhering to and supporting the industry code of practice and always act impartially, without favouring any particular supplier of equipment, materials or services.

We firmly believe that by empowering individual homeowners, businesses and communities with the tools to equip them to take proactive steps against flooding, informed by their own unique circumstance, homes and businesses will become more resilient to the consequences of the changing climate thereby minimising damage and reducing the economic and social impacts of flooding.

Get Impartial Advice Today!

Independent and Impartial Consultancy

As market leading specialists, we offer independent and impartial advice on flood system design and installation.

Government Framework Specialists

As proud UK Government partners we have been consulting and advising on many of EA's large scale projects.

Simple, Smart, Bespoke Solutions

We approach every project with historical and present state data to ensure 'Best in Class' solutions.

Our experts are available for free consultation.



We greatly believe that by building our partner networks in many areas of residential, commercial, and government asset management we can provide the most holistic service and provision available in the marketplace. 


From Day 1, we have stuck by our belief, that community is key. We must keep the community engaged with all matters around climate and flooding, flood resilience measures and the future of the environment. 


We have seen the devastation and pain that comes with flooding events, at first hand. We aim to provide the highest level of service across all our partnerships, and are passionate about making homes flood resilient!

Securing UK properties since 2008.