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Flood Protection for Home Owners

Watertight provides homeowners with the only fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers all aspects of domestic property flooding.

How can we do this?

Because our patented system is based on one simple premise that if every means by which water might enter your house is blocked effectively, then your house and its contents will be as safe and dry as they possibly can be.

We followed this premise through with great attention to detail, collaborated with insurers, builders, surveyors and designed our unique products and solutions to exceed the standards currently available.

This has not been a quick process and continuous testing and improvement meant that there was a 5 year research and development programme prior to launch.

Benefits of Flood Protection

For most people their home is their biggest and most treasured investment.

Recent reports are now suggesting that in England alone there are 5.5 million properties at risk of flooding. That’s 1 in 5. Worryingly, with the advent of global warming this trend can only increase.

In the absence of huge civil flood defence projects and the substantial upgrading of our Victorian sewerage systems, it will be left to the homeowner to provide protection for their property.

This is where Watertight can help. Our system is flexible enough to be able to accommodate most sorts of building and most types of building materials.

Watertight provides the most complete flood defence system available. If you want to protect your home, its contents and all of the memories then you should look no further. In extreme cases the system will enable you to actually obtain a value for your property and get a mortgage.

Home Insurance for Flood Protected Homes

"Watertight International Insurance Services" (WIIS) is a trading name of Kinnell Corporate Limited registered in England 5314336. Kinnell Corporate Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered Office:- 14 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 ON0. Telephone: 0800 093 3463.

RWIIS has been formed to provide insurances to the customers of Watertight International (WIL). At the core of this service is the ability to provide property insurance quotations including flood protection to ALL applicants.

This quote guarantee is the result of the patented technology of WIL and the license to use the Non-Return Valve technology developed by Polvic Limited.

As an independent broker WIIS has access to a wide range of property insurers and products for commercial and residential property. In addition the WIIS has agreed access to a specialised facility underwritten at Lloyd's of London for properties with higher risk profiles.

Quotations from WIIS are free.

If you have any queries please call the dedicated telephone line on 0800 0933462 where a member of our team will be happy to help.

Independent surveyors are a key part of our ‘team’

Although we can provide an estimate of the cost for manufacturing and installing the Watertight system via the estimator, we need trained individuals to ensure that your property is fully protected.

That’s why the step after ordering is to book a surveyor. They will check all of the measurements that you submitted, identify exactly what is required and allow us to give you an accurate quote prior to the placement of your final order.

What’s more the same surveyor will come and inspect your property once our fitting team have finished and confirm that all requirements have been met and this will then enable insurance to be provided (if required).

Specialist requirements for flood barriers

Here at Watertight we are acutely aware that all properties are different. That’s why we made the system as flexible as we could. However there will always be properties that require specialist assistance.

Don’t worry. We are still happy to help. Many of these issues are unearthed at the survey stage and we are still more than able to provide a solution that will be as comprehensive as our usual systems. This could range from the replacement of old wooden flooring with treated concrete slabs to the fitting of pumps etc.

What’s more the same surveyor will come and inspect your property once our fitting team have finished and confirm that all requirements have been met and this will then enable insurance to be provided (if required).

Book a Surveyor to Visit Your Property

Once you have your estimate from us, you can then book a surveyor to visit your property and prepare a site survey to validate your information provided in the estimate, and to confirm a final all-inclusive quotation. You will receive a final estimate from Watertight within 48 hours of the surveyor completing the survey.


Government grants to help support the cost of fitting flood defence systems do become available from time to time, especially in areas where there is a regularly recurring flooding problem. Often these are initially allocated to Local Authorities who then distribute to the individual householder.

Please see the area below for details of grants that we understand are available. If your area is not covered we recommend that you get in touch with your local councillor or MP and ask them to chase grants on your behalf.

Current grants

Uttlesford District Council – grants awarded for houses affected by flooding in the village of Ashdon. As of 11th March 2010 Huw Irranca-Davies announced the latest successful bidders to the second round of the property level grant scheme. The list of successful authorities is available by clicking here. The size of the fund was slightly increased from £2.5 million to £2.6 million to enable a wider range of areas to benefit from the scheme.

For further details and information regarding grants & funding available from local councils, and Government bodies for your home please click here.

Alternatively please contact us directly by completing our on-line contact form specifying that you want us to enquire about available grants in your area. We will be happy to make these enquiries on your behalf and advise you of what is available.


Obtaining grants can be a long and painful process. We fully understand that many of you will not have the time (or the energy) to go down that route so we have talked to many of the lenders. Following our discussions the Building Societies Association has agreed that their members should be happy to add the cost of our system to your current, or future, mortgage as long as this still meets their standard lending criteria.

As we have mentioned before, the simple fact that you have fitted the Watertight system may mean that you can now get insurance on your property and might be the single most important reason you get a mortgage at all!

Naturally, we will also accept payment by the usual methods of debit and credit cards.

As you would expect, we have our own fitting teams

We have done this so that we can ensure that our products are fitted and applied correctly the first time, every time!

It is also because we clearly understand that you want to be disturbed as little as possible during the process and that you want to be trained how to fit the flood barriers by experts.

We also ensure that each fitting team includes an electrician. Why? Because you often have to move outside lights to ensure that door flood barriers fit properly. Just another example of our attention to detail.

Grants and Funding to Help Flood Protect Your Home

Full training in how to install the products will be given by the installation team once they have completed the installation. They will also leave behind a training guide for your reference and there are further “How to…?” guides on this website for reference and to download.

To make things easier, the flood barriers are delivered on trolleys for ease of movement and come with a full toolkit containing all the equipment you need to fit and maintain your defence system. It really couldn’t be easier!

Finally, Watertight provide a web and telephone helpdesk, should you have any really urgent enquiries.

Call us today at 0800 093 34631 or email us at enquiries@watertightinternational.com

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support.