Flood Products

Flood Protection Products

Watertight offers TOTAL flood protection. Our patented system is based on the simple premise that if every means by which water might enter your house is blocked effectively, then your house and its contents will remain as safe and dry as is possible.

All our products are designed to exceed the British Standard (PAS 1188-1: 2009 KM: 556052) and are rigorously and independently tested time and time again.

Flood barrier

Most people assume that the majority of flood damage is done via water entry through doors, windows, airbricks etc... its no surprise that the most popular forms of flood defence are barrier based systems such as sandbags.

At Watertight we have developed a unique, patented, re-useable and totally demountable barrier technology that can protect your property up to first floor level.

These barriers are constructed from recycled materials in the UK and are available in a range of sizes to cover all openings, from the very smallest to the largest.

Because Watertight barriers are totally demountable they are also highly unobtrusive leaving behind no unsightly framework. They are easy and speedy to fit and come with a toolkit, storage trolley, training manual and support.

Flood barriers are available for:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Airbricks
  • Garage Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Bay Windows
  • Meter Housings (Utility Meters)
  • Cable TV/Satellite boxes
  • Please note that we also fit an Emergency Door so that you can still enter or exit a property once the barriers are fitted and in place.

    Wall Sealant

    You would be surprised to see how porous most walls are and how inadequately many pipes, cables etc. have been fitted. This means that in a very short time flood damage can start to take place actually through your walls, even if you have invested in flood barriers.

    Watertight took the view that this was unacceptable and we have developed a wall treatment that seals walls against water, yet still allows them to breathe.

    You would think that by spraying this sealant (S500) up to first floor level it would give you complete peace of mind, but we also inspect all pipes and cables that pierce your walls and check that they have been sealed effectively (they usually haven’t, take a look at your satellite cable) and seal where necessary.

    This attention to detail outlines Watertight’s approach and illustrates why you can rely on us.

    In addition we are fully aware of our environmental obligations, therefore all Watertight products are locally manufactured here in the UK and we make sure that we use recycled materials as much as possible, currently our products are made of up to 95% recycled materials.

    Drainage Non-Return Valves

    According to some data about half of all flood claims are due to back-filling of sewerage pipes. This causes ‘foul’ water to flood the property from the inside by flowing back via toilets, plug holes, waste pipes and so on. No matter how many flood barriers or how good your wall sealant, they do not protect against flooding from inside.

    The traditional solution to this problem has been to sink a new manhole outside the property and fit non-return valves to eliminate the possibility. But this is a very expensive and time consuming process and we thought that there must be a better way!

    As a result we have designed and patented a unique Non-Return Valve that will simply push-in to your current pipework. Equally as effective as the traditional solution the valves can be fitted in minutes and do not require any specialist expertise or equipment.

    Available in a range of sizes our Non-Return Valves can be fitted above and below ground and will completely protect your property from the threat of back-fill.

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