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Flooding can affect all kinds of businesses. There was some severe flooding in London over the weekend which left hospitals evacuating their patients and asking people to use other A&E’s if they required any serious care

The BBC reported this incident on Monday stating that:

“Whipps Cross is without power and evacuating 100 patients and Newham hospital is asking patients to use other A&Es for urgent care.

Ambulances are being redirected after torrential rain caused severe flooding in homes, roads and stations.”

Patients also had to be rerouted to neighbouring facilities, 

“A spokesperson for Barts Health NHS Trust which runs both Newham and Whipps Cross hospitals, said: "Patients are asked to attend alternative hospitals where they can. A major incident has been called across the Trust."

Greater London residents were forced to take action to protect their homes with some “residents on a street in Woodford, in east London, grabbed buckets, brooms and wooden boards to prevent rising rainwater from flooding their homes.”

We can’t ignore the strain on the emergency services, 

“London Fire Brigade says it has taken more than 1,000 flooding-related calls.

It rescued people trapped in cars and is helping those with flooded basements and collapsed ceilings.”

Education is key when it comes to flooding and the impact it has on everyday lives. Once you have an understanding of your risk, you should be signing up to flood warnings so that you can prepare if a warning is issued. Having a flood plan in place is also advised, so that you know what to do in a flood event and can react accordingly.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help companies deal with these types of flooding incidents, please contact us at… 

Read the full story on the BBC Website clicking here


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  1. Meanwhile, we cleaned all areas affected by the flooding at Newham hospital yesterday and its emergency department is now open to people needing emergency care. In all, there are also 19 alerts for potential flooding active throughout England and Wales. Residents in north-east London used buckets, brooms and wooden boards to create makeshift flood defences for their homes, while water gushing from a station was caught on video.

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