1. Do I need the complete Watertight system?
This is a very common question and the simple answer is, it’s up to you!

Watertight has developed the most comprehensive and sophisticated system to protect your property from flooding, that is why we can enable Buildings Insurance, that is why we are approved by Zurich Building Guarantee and that is why our products will be the first to be approved by the BSI kitemark for the new standard PAS 1188 2009…..no one else can match this quality and back-up.

Therefore if you want the best and most thorough protection on the market then buy the complete system.

If you only want to protect a certain area or aspect of your property (for example, one door panel or non-return valves for your drain outlets) then simply buy the specific component(s) that you require.
2. I am worried about flood water coming through my doors. What should I do?
Water will always find a way through unprotected doors, unless they have been installed and built specifically to stop water coming in.

We can protect your doors by fitting Watertight Flood Barriers.
3. I have window barriers as well as door barriers. Why would I need these?
In some areas flood water can rise higher than the bottom of the ground floor windows. Windows, like doors, will not hold flood water back, even if the flood is only for a short time. If you are concerned that the flood levels you are likely to experience are approaching window height, then we would recommend that you consider window barriers as well as door barriers.
5. I need to stop water coming back through my drain outlets, such as toilets, baths, and sinks. What should I do?
You always need to consider protecting your drain outlets. Nearly half of insurance claims due to ‘flooding’ are because of foul water coming back into property via drain outlets. Fortunately, Watertight have a unique solution with our push-in non-return valves. These are far easier to install and much, much cheaper than the traditional solution which involves sinking a new manhole and fitting a large Non-return valve. Yet they provide the same amount of protection.
6. Why do I need to seal my walls? Aren't they waterproof?
I’m afraid it is very sensible to seal your walls. You may not realise this but most bricks and especially mortar are porous and will let water in after only very short periods of time. If you want to test this yourself, get hold of a standard brick and sit the end in water, go back an hour later and you will clearly see how much water the brick has absorbed.

Is Your Property at Risk From Flooding?

To find out if your property may be at risk of flooding please go to the Environment Agency’s website where you will be asked to enter your postcode or place name. Please follow the link below:
Please note that this is a guide only and we always recommend an independent flood survey.

In Scotland please follow the link below:

Flood Information

Again please follow the link to the Environment Agency’s flood information pages: http://www.grdp.org/homeandleisure/floods/default.aspx

Flood Warnings

The Environment Agency provide a flood warning service. To find out if there are any flood warnings in your area, please click on the link below: http://www.grdp.org/homeandleisure/floods/31618.aspx