Climate Change

Climate Change is the world's biggest threat, and the increase of its effects means that property, both residential commercial, is in danger of flooding.

Webinar Series #1

Over the coming year we have a schedule of webinars that will tackle many areas of Flooding and Climate Change Events.

In late April 2021 we held a free event to learn about best practices around Property Flood Resilience (PFR), from areas in GB, and how to apply them in Northern Ireland.

Michelle McIlveen MLA, Chair of the Committee for Infrastructure, kicked-off this event, which was co-sponsored by FloodRe and CIWEM.

The Event Covered

-Climate Change and the Risk of Flooding
-Putting People at the Heart of Climate Resilience
-FloodRe's Perspective on PFR and their Transition Plan
-DEFRA's Strategy and Adapting Properties to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change-PFR
-Raising the Bar on Skills and Standards

Our Guest Speakers

Angela Terry-Climate Alliance
Mary Dhonau - Flood Resilience Consultant
Dermot Kehoe - FloodRe
Ross Jones-DEFRA
Victoria McCausland - Environment Agency
Alastair Chisholm-CIWEM

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