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. Bewdley
. Property Flood Resilience Measures

Lessons learned in the last flood in 2019 meant the PFR measures watertight put in place helped save numerous homes from flooding when the river overtopped the barriers.


When we assessed the flooding we were on the good side of fortune. In 2019 we had gone through the essential steps to make properties more resilient to future flooding. When we visited in 2019 we fitted the following: 

  • Individual Flood Barriers
  • Sump Pumps
  • Flood Doors
  • Non Return Valves
By understanding this areas flooding history, we were able to introduce measures that were significant in the reducing the impact on certain individuals’ homes.

Mark Arrowsmith
Company Director

The service and advice I’ve received from Gareth Boyd & Mark Arrowsmith, of Watertight, has been exemplary.

Rob Apperley – Resident of Bewdley

Living in Bewdley, some 50 metres from the River Severn, means my garden and home get completed flooded, which has always been a serious threat. Thankfully, I have only been flooded four times in 22 years. As the PM, Boris Johnson, even said, when he visited in 2020: “The flood defences here were pretty useless!”, with his most memorable quote, at a closed meeting, being “Let’s get Bewdley done!”.

The Watertight team’s recommendations really do work because they clearly know their stuff and conduct themselves to the highest professional standards. The success of their flood protection equipment allowed me to avoid redecorating my home, again, and also saved the expensive new kitchen I’d recently had fitted.

So, Watertight have basically saved me from thousands of pounds of damage plus from a great deal of additional heartache and inconvenience too. The empathy I experienced from Gareth, Mark, and the rest of the Watertight team, was brilliant. They really listened and cared, which illustrates how much they genuinely wanted to help me get to the best possible flood solution, which they most certainly did!”

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