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Fully Comprehensive Flood Protection System

Watertight provide builders and developers with the only fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers all aspects of both domestic and commercial property flooding.

How can we do this?

Because our patented system is based on one simple premise that if every means by which water might enter your property is blocked effectively, then the property and its contents will be as safe and dry as they possibly can be.

We followed this premise through with great attention to detail, collaborated with Insurers, builders, surveyors and designed our unique products and solutions to exceed all of the standards currently available.

This has not been a quick process and continuous testing and improvement meant that there was a 5 year research & development programme prior to launch.

In England Alone There are 5.5 Million Properties at Risk of Flooding

Recent reports are now suggesting that in England alone there are 5.5 million properties at risk of flooding. That’s 1 in 5. Worryingly, with the advent of global warming this trend can only increase, so this is a real issue for property professionals. It is now something that needs to be considered from the earliest stages of site development and property design.

Without central investment in huge civil flood defence projects and similar upgrading of our sewerage systems, it will be left to the property owner or manager to provide protection for their property. Increasingly better-informed public/insurance companies will demand that flood protection is ‘built-in’.

This is where Watertight can help. Our system is flexible enough to be able to accommodate a wide variety of building and most types of building materials. What's more it's comprehensive enough to enable insurance cover, even where cover was previously unavailable or has been withdrawn.

We, and our partners, are very happy to be involved at an early design stage. We are delighted to help with building/material specification and design to ensure that comprehensive flood defence is built-in for the minimum cost.

Watertight provides the most complete flood defence system available. If you want to protect your development, if you want to really make your properties stand out and if you want your properties to sell first then you should contact us.

How can Watertight help?

Due to the unique way that our products are constructed, Watertight flood barriers can be built to fit any type and size of property. Our sealants can be applied to any kind of wall and our Non-return valves are designed to fit into most sizes of pipe work (up to 12 inch).

In areas where there is an identifiable flood risk you should specify all of the above and there is a strong argument for the standard fitting of Non-return valves to eliminate the possibility of foul backflow problems from property drains.

Waterproofing, Wood Preservation and Damp Proofing Products

Triton are Watertight partner for the provision of waterproofing, wood preservation and damp proofing products. For more information on Triton and the Triton range please click on the following link:

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