About Us/ All you need to know about Watertight International

Who is Watertight?
Watertight is a patented system of flood defence products that ensure your property is blocked effectively through unique push-in non-return valves that prevent backflow from outside drains, flood barrier systems that fit over doors and windows as well as wall and brick sealants.
Why choose Watertight?
With extreme weather events becoming more prevalent, we are a UK-based company, manufacturing the only fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers both domestic and commercial premises.
How can we do this?
Our patented system is based on one simple premise: that if every means by which water might enter your house is blocked effectively, then your house and its contents will be as safe and dry as they possibly can be. We followed this premise through with great attention to detail, collaborated with insurers, builders, surveyors and designed our unique products and solutions to exceed the standards currently available.
Are we aware of environmental responsibilities?
We are also acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities. We use as much recycled material as possible (we recycle old double glazing units, yoghurt and milk cartons) so that our barriers are made of up to 95% recycled material. And we manufacture locally in the UK so that our distribution distances are minimised. We solve the problem; we don’t add to it.
Chris KerrChief Executive

Chris Kerr

With a background in renewables, Chief Executive Chris Kerr has numerous year’s experience working in the environmental sector.